Vitrinite Village is a premium accommodation facility in the town of Middlemount which is part of the Bowen Basin region in Central Queensland.

Designed with a private spacious layout, self-contained accommodation and buffet-style dining, Vitrinite Village guests often compliment us on our facilities and the level of service we provide.

We are happy to cater for overnight clientele and short and long term corporate guests. Please contact Village management directly should you wish use of the village for an extended period of time. Prices are negotiable depending on length of stay and number of rooms required. We are happy to speak with all guests who may wish to arrange additional services within the Village.


Vitrinite Village first became operational in March 2007 and was established due to a shortage of accommodation in Middlemount as well as to cater for the staff of mining companies, contractors and other related clientele.

The Village currently offers 84 self-contained rooms comprising of 56 studio rooms, 24 double rooms and 4 disabled rooms located in relaxed and private surroundings. The response to Vitrinite Village has been overwhelming and our rooms are in high demand all year round. In response to this demand, Vitrinite Village has made plans for future development and expansion.

What is Vitrinite?

Vitrinite is one the highest quality components of coal and has obvious ties with the coal mining industry in the Bowen Basin region.

The graphic symbol of the Vitrinite Village logo subtly represents a walking man with a ‘V’ cutting through this symbol to represent the mining process of cutting coal. Layering is also a feature of our symbol and is incorporated to reflect the seam layers that make up the structure of coal.

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